The wherefrom of the systematic facilitator

The wherefrom of the systematic facilitator

One of my goals as a trainer of systematic facilitators is for you to discover your natural style, one that makes you unique. To do so, I propose an adventure that will take you to a place we’re calling your “wherefrom”. It’s a place that sources your ability to create spaces, given them an intention and upholds your qualities so that your clients can explore them and discover themselves. That’s our job, so simple in its essence and so complex in what it can show. We’re architects of spaces in which the system expresses its reality.

As a systematic facilitator, at first you can only design small rooms in which to investigate options. You then expand them with rooms that convey information and knowledge. And at some point, you feel safe enough to add spaces where decisions are made.

When you discover what the celebration offers, you start adding gardens and flowers, and almost by mistake, you find yourself building small worlds filled with bridges that connect opposing shores, plazas where people can speak without fear and sacred spaces for connecting with their innermost selves. And as you guide your clients through these worlds, they discover themselves.

The qualities of your spaces are limited by your “wherefrom”. If you’re scared of violence, it’ll be difficult for a team to bring it to your sessions. If you’re not very willing to show your vulnerability, your client will have a hard time showing his. If you don’t acknowledge the differences that live inside you, it will be hard for you to see the abundant diversity in others.

Expand and fine tune your ability to feel so that you can better serve your clients in particular, and the world in general. The more you grow personally, the better the skills the systematic facilitator within you will develop.

Your body is a tool that takes in information that’s essential to your job. It’s like an antenna, and you have to work it. And so, even though there’s a module devoted specifically to cultivating each person’s uniqueness, we uphold our intention to secure the WHEREFROM across all facets, and to develop the other skills needed to maintain the spaces we create. Although it’s important to develop your skills, being aware of the place you apply them from is even more so.

In order to explore them, we’ve created a deck of cards with the necessary skills and resources. This allows us to gain knowledge by playing and feeling, customizing each person’s road and allowing each participant to discover what’s best for him at that place in time. The cards also have an edge that represents a look. This lets us arrange them in space, orient them and relate them with one another or with other elements.

The pioneers who began the training often share the success of their experiences as “architects of spaces” of systematic facilitation, the simplicity of its use and the depths they achieved. We’ve developed a deeply transformative tool for working with people, teams and organizations.


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