Assessing a project with systemic facilitation

Assessing a project with systemic facilitation

Once a defined stage, strategic plan, financial year or intense project has been completed, the team can enjoy a celebration space with an external Facilitator. A Celebration space allows participants to look back, observe achievements and analyse the journey. It is a moment of joy, but also an opportunity to ask questions that will help us analyse the trodden path:

What could we have done differently to improve results and ourselves?

What attitude can we abandon for this new stage because it is no longer necessary? and perhaps also… is there one we could adopt? Something new that could be useful for the next stages.

After this analysis, the facilitator invites the team to go through the remaining phases of the Dragon Dreaming methodology. The Celebration is the last stage of the wheel that begins with dreaming and continues with planning and doing.

When we move to the dream phase, we talk about how to generate spaces where we can apply maximum creativity which includes the wisdom of the whole team. Spaces where ideas can be built without restrictions, a laboratory where recipes are tested. What spaces exists where our team can dream together? What does dreaming mean for our organisation? What happens when we dream together?

After dreaming, do we ask ourselves questions about planning and doing things better on a personal and at a team level? How would better planning help us? The stress of a team is directly related to poor planning, and good planning directly affects improvement processes and the emotional health of each individual team member.

And when the wheel has finished, we are at the Doing stage. How can we do things in our team to be more effective and more careful with people? Where does the time go?

This session serves to review how we dream, plan, do and celebrate things. Teams that experience this session usually find it very fulfilling and insist that it should be carried out at least once a year.

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