The myth of the cavern

The myth of the cavern

How do we adapt to the constant changes in our everyday work? How do we deal with new challenges that are constantly coming up?

It’s essential to face processes of organizational change and transformation in order to continue advancing, and nowadays in companies, nothing is more constant than change.

Looking into the management of group processes means opening the door to new experiences and new spaces in an effort to glimpse the horizon of progress.

“Today we’ve shared from a place we hadn’t reached before” is a typical sentence we see in the final feedback on our Systematic Facilitation sessions that, through an intense hands-on program, offers various tools focused on a new approach.

What do we call a deep conversation? When people can communicate honestly and feel that they are listened to and valued for their contributions.

And what happens in a Systematic Facilitation session? 

Some of the features that help to co-create this space where people can relax and communicate anew, where they can share and build a common, agreed discourse are:

  • We typically avoid chairs and tables, which separate us and keep us static. A Systematic Facilitation session entails having the participants moving in the space.
  • Mindful of our feelings. Systematic Facilitation sessions are characterized by “sensing” before thinking. Sensing how concepts make us feel and their location in space before speaking about them in the most rational way.
  • Recording information. The information that emerges over the course of the session is recorded by the participants themselves in their own words. This creates a feeling of having “worked hard” and “made the best use of the time”.
  • Time to order our ideas. Some people come up with ideas faster and other need more tie. In our sessions, we think about our answers, write them down and them share them. This makes for a relaxed setting.
  • Everyone is listened to equally. This sets aside the notion of “me more” and banishes the belief that the more talk equates to more worth. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you stand in the pecking order. We all have something to contribute.

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