Neuroleadership represents a revolutionary and innovative perspective regarding the conceptualization of leadership and the key factors for its effective exercise. It introduces a new way of thinking, deciding and doing in the context of leadership and it proposes a new paradigm where to manage and learn both in the individual and in the organizational field, based on the functioning of the brain. The Neuroleadership Course proposes starting from the knowledge of our brain to understand and deepen the foundations of our behavior and the construction of our personality. From self-knowledge, you can exercise a conscious, inspiring and high integrity leadership, maximizing your potential and your ability to make decisions.

How will you benefit?

  • Familiarise yourself with your mind. Know the “machine.”
  • Understand thought processes.
  • Understand the foundations of your emotions and how to manage them.
  • Understand how we construct reality.
  • Understand the relationship between the mind and levels of consciousness.
  • Understand how we form our personalities.
  • A greater capacity to make decisions and manage processes of change, dealing with complexity. Going from risk to intelligence.
  • Maximize your potential and learn to be reflective.
  • Greater self-mastery and self-control, motivation and empathy.
  • Acquire a greater awareness of your body and learn to modulate and modify the responses associated with stress.
  • Understand the dynamics that shape leadership to enhance effectiveness.
  • Greater creativity and openness towards innovation in the face of new challenges.
  • Better performance leading teams.
  • Solve conflicts in a positive way.
  • Enhance your physical and mental well-being.


1- The brain as a machine

Every human being, can be a sculptor of his own brain.

We are history.
We are chemistry.
We are electricity.
We are vibration.

2- Brain and personality

The scale of your personality is determined by the size of the problem that is capable of getting you out of your box.

Personality development.
Personality and self-concept.
We are what we think.
Defense mechanisms.

3- Brain and reality

We must not confuse the map with the territory. Our brain does not allow us to see reality.

What we call reality.
Subjective Reality Vs Objective Reality.
Laws of perception.

4- Brain and consciousness

Contemplation defines one of the deepest and happiest experiences of the human spirit.

I instinctively.
I Emotional.
I Reflective
I Understanding.
I Contemplative.

5- Brain and communication

In the beginning was the verb.

The magic of the word.
Words create realities.
What you say, you get it.
Communication as a learned skill.

6- Brain and Leadership

Do you take something to be happy? Yes, decisions.

I control my brain, not the other way round.
Conscious mind Subconscious mind Unconscious mind.
From change to transformation.
Lifetime. Awareness and leadership.


Aimed at those people and professionals interested in self-knowledge, performance improvement, management of change and effective leadership.


The course combines theoretical knowledge, aimed at knowing and understanding the brain; and practical knowledge aimed at identifying and improving our way of think, develop and act.

In progress: all the information about the new programme is coming soon