STROZZI – Embodied Leadership Level One

STROZZI – Embodied Leadership Level One

Leadership in Action One is a four-day course that lays down the foundations and considerations of somatic practice. It’s also the basic course and the gateway to any subsequent training you want to take at the Strozzi Institute.

Being aware of what you do every day, and how you do it, is one of this course’s main contributions. The nature of what you do reveals your beliefs, your values and also your “conditioned tendencies”.

What you do and how you do it turns into something that’s surprisingly revealing when you start to learn how to receive and give somatic assessments, and to observe yourself and your colleagues three-dimensionally.

The physical dimensions offer a deep insight when you discover the attributes associated with them and you explore them through dignity, connection and trajectory, with the intent of developing a focused leadership presence.

Our goal in this course is to create leaders who are capable of embodying the virtues of authenticity, integrity, responsibility and confidence needed to take useful and creative actions, even under pressure


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